Red Velvet Cake War: A Shameless Plug

The road to Red Velvet Cake War has not been an easy one. When a mutual parting of ways with a cast member happened, I took on the role of Peaches less than 3 weeks before opening. I was off book in 10 days. I learned a WHOLE show in 10 days. Wow. I had no idea I could do that.

Because of time constraints, I felt like I was focusing on lineĀ memorization and had not quite settled into the character the way I would’ve liked to. Then one day, it just clicked. I found my inspiration for this character – Dolly Parton. It all made sense to me. Sunday was one of my best performances. Not just for the run of this show – but maybe EVER. I love Peaches. I will be sad to see her go come April 13.

There are 6 performances left! Plenty of chances to come see this funny show. You’ll laugh, you’ll snort, you’ll see me act inappropriate. It’s a good time! So, come see us!

  • March 30, Friday, 7:30pm, Tualatin Heritage Center
  • March 31, Saturday, 7:30pm, Tualatin Heritage Center
  • April 1, Sunday, 2pm, Tualatin Heritage Center
  • April 6, Friday, 7:30pm, Tualatin Heritage Center
  • April 7, Saturday, 7:30pm, Tualatin Heritage Center
  • April 13, Friday, 7:30pm, Beaverton Elks

$12 – General
$10 – Tualatin residents

$5 – Youth


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  1. I know this is an old post. However, I came across it while googling Red Velvet Cake War. I am playing Peaches in our local theater production of RVCW and I can’t imagine how you learned the part in 10 days! I am struggling to fit in time alongside a full time job and we have to be off book next week. This is gonna kill me but I do love Peaches Verdeen Belrose.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      I’m so sorry I just saw this! HA! You can do it! For me, inspiration came while flipping through the tv one day and the movie 9 to 5 was on. I think of Peaches as being a lot like Dolly Parton’s character. Once I knew how to play it, it helped me with the dialogue. So hard to think about getting into character when you’re still memorizing lines. I also recorded my dialogue with a voice memo app on my iphone & listened/recited lines along with it whenever I was in my car. Balancing the acting life with home & job is tricky. I am finding that when I say “yes” to a show, I am saying “no” to other things like friends & time with family. And now that I am a mom, my creative endeavors revolve more around creating my own material and short-term projects. A play is a huge commitment!

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