Success & Failure

Here’s the deal, success & failure are somewhat subjective.

 There are those who don’t believe in failure, siting that if you learned a lesson from a given experience, than it wasn’t a failure. While others see failure as not gaining their desired result of an action.

Think of a brilliant moment in your life. Maybe when you were a star football player or a corporate bigshot. Now, think of the lowest point of your life; a time you really blew it.

I submit to you, whether it’s a room of trophies or a devastating divorce; do NOT hang your hat on EITHER of these things. We must move forward. We must continue to make progress. Small steps are still steps!

 Cherishing memories of past victories is fine, but they are in the past. What about today? Maybe it’s time for a new dream.

Haunted by a painful past? Let go. Find help – it’s out there. Do not allow that event to ruin one more day of your life.

In the past year that I have begun pursuing acting, I have had some great opportunities. However, I am unwilling to sit back and brag about the gigs I DID land. In the same way, I am unwilling to beat myself up over the 50+ I DIDN’T land. That’s just life, folks.

So, stop feeling entitled. No one owes you anything. If there’s something you want, shut up and pay your dues. Just keep moving forward. There’s no such thing as a “big break”. We make our own breaks.


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