Love Thy Neighbor

We moved to a new neighborhood just 8 months ago. When the moving truck pulled up, it was like a bat signal to neighbors, and one by one they came over and introduced themselves. One set of neighbors in particular I am quite fond of.

We teased our neighbor this weekend because, I kid you not, he washes his cars a couple of times per week. He is meticulous. I admire it, as my car is just slightly better than an episode of Hoarders. We told him that we thought he was a serial killer, and that’s why he needed to clean his car so much. Leave it to us to go to our “dark place” with that.

This kind neighbor just pressure washed our patio, patio furniture and our shared walkway this weekend. Seriously, who does that? He has no idea how he blessed us with that act of kindness. What a sweet man.

When your neighbor is that kind, they are just easy to love. We are spoiled. Now, to find a creative way to return the favor.


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