Manic Monday


Friends, you know those Mondays where you think you should just stay in bed? Well, today was that day for me. I should have gone with my instinct here.

My day started off rough. Not feeling great and I have a nosebleed. I know, what am I? 5 or something? Ugh.

Things have been extraordinarily busy in the Conlee home, and I scrambled to get ready for work while trying to tidy up a bit. In that process, I grabbed the leftover muffins from a work retreat over the weekend to share at the church office, but left my keys on the kitchen counter. I proceeded to lock myself out of the house. I had to call David to come let me in. Thankfully he was home still.

I set off to work. Flustered already. However, I am MINDFUL of the speed limit as there are not only tons of kids awaiting their bus, but there is a TON of cops in my neighborhood. However, I was pulled over for speeding. Here’s what went down:

Cop: What’s your hurry?
Me: I’m sorry, was I speeding? I never speed. I know there’s cops around and I was watching my speedometer.
Cop: The radar doesn’t lie, ma’am. You were going 35. You know how unsafe that is? There are kids just around that corner waiting for the bus.
Me: Yes, sir, I know. That is why I am careful.
Cop: I need your license & insurance card.
I open my glove box, and its ENTIRE contents spills ALL OVER my car and I am in an all-out panic.
Me: Sir, I have a new insurance card sitting on my dining room table.
Cop: How hard is it to put it in your car?
Me: I meant to, I was just in a hurry and well…here’s an old one.
Cop: Ma’am, why do you have a 2-year-old card in your car?
Me: *tears* BECAUSE I AM A SLOB, SIR! I am sure I have a more current card in here but I’ll never find it in this mess and now I am completely frazzled!
Cop: In cases like this I have to give a fix-it ticket.
Me: Just do what you need to do then.
Cop: I’ll be right back.
Cop goes back to his car. Returns.
Cop: I never do this, but I am going to let you go. Slow down. Put that new card in your car.
Me: Thank you.
Thank the Lord this cop took pity on a woman on the edge of insanity. I’d also like to note some of my favorite people, including my brother-in-law, are police officers. I meant this man no disrespect. I just went a lil cray cray on him. Maybe I scared him. Anyway, I didn’t get a ticket. While I am embarrassed of the show I put on for this officer, I am glad I didn’t get saddled with a hefty fine.
All of this before 9am. The life of a drama queen!
I am pleased to report my day improved remarkably, and I have my super cool acting class tonight. So, today is not a total loss. Just a really rough start.

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