Love at First Sight

After about a week of meetings & learning the boys’ routine inside & out, we met the boys in their home for the first time.

They were shy. At first.

Levi turned around with a crooked smile. His back was to us. He was perched atop a rideable toy car, looking out the window. I don’t know what came over me, but I got on my feet, ran out the door & jumped in front of that window. He laughed so hard & we began the most unforgettable game of hide & seek of my life.

When I came back inside, I took off my boots to play with them on the floor. This quickly had Wyatt’s attention who had been observing from afar. He put on my boots & walked around. A few minutes later, he took them off & crawled onto my lap. Then, he lay there, gazing into my eyes. It took all I had in me to not cry. I touched his soft little face. Did he know I was his mama?

It was soon time to go. We were all pleased with the visit. The only downside was going home without them. We got in the car & I burst into tears. I just met my babies & couldn’t wait until we were together.


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