Many Firsts

When you fall in love, there’s butterflies. First date. First kiss. First time you say “I love you”. First argument. First time being wrong. JK! 

One of the things I’ve loved about my boys is all the firsts we get to do together. It truly is like falling in love all over again. The first time we met. First night at home. First explosive diaper. First bath. First time at church. First trip to the zoo. First time they pitched a fit on a walk in their stroller & I waved to onlookers & said, “parent of the year coming thru!” First 4th of July & participating in the neighborhood parade. First projectile vomiting. First trick or treating with Spider-man & Captain America. First Thanksgiving. First Christmas. My favorite? The first time they called me “mommy”. 

Wyatt just started this thing where he walks up to me & says, “Mommy, you so beautiful.” The first time he did this, it completely caught me off guard. He had tears in his eyes. Today is monumental for me as I believe this is the first time he has told me he loves me without me initiating it. 

In time, I know the details of these moments will fade, but my heart won’t forget. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow…once again you must tell us to get our tissues first….But I should no better by now…it is going to be a tear jerker!!! Love you my friend and I am so happy for all of you!

  2. jennimsmith says:

    Sing it with me. Hey mommy…..🎵🎤you beautiful!

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