This Changes Everything

This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. And I’m not even the Fresh Prince.

Yes, I just quoted the Fresh Prince theme song. Deal with it. 

 David is gone a lot for his job. That is just the reality of it. Especially during summer months. But the boys have changed EVERYTHING. So we are navigating this one trip at a time.  

Levi was pretty playful from the beginning. Wyatt leaned more toward the serious. He was sullen. A thinker. A feeler. Levi gave affection rather quickly, but Wyatt took some time. 

 Three weeks after their arrival, David left for 18 days to lead a group of students on a trip to Cambodia. My mom came to my rescue & stayed nearly a month to assist me with the boys. We accomplished much together during her time with me & our bond is stronger than ever. 

 We made sure to FaceTime with David often & he sent them the boys’ videos from different locations; they called this “daddy tv”. Daddy sent his boys videos from cool spots, atop an elephant & getting a pedicure from the infamous “Doctor Fish” (tiny fish who nibble away the dead skin on your feet).

In the Doctor Fish video, David joked, “the fishies are eating my feet!” Levi laughed hysterically & would cheer “again!”. Wyatt, on the other hand, was very concerned. I tried explaining that daddy was just being silly. He wasn’t buying it. 

Our FaceTime calls the remainder of the trip included David having to show Wyatt his feet. Wyatt would say, “Daddy feet ok?”. Levi the comedian would play off Wyatt’s insecurity & would say things like “fishies ate daddy feet!!!”. Such a rascal. 

 When David returned home, he was warmly welcomed with hugs & cuddles, & Wyatt inspecting his feet constantly. “Daddy feet ok?”, he’d say. “Yeah, son. Daddy’s feet are ok.”, David would answer. This went on for days, possibly a couple of weeks. 

Maybe don’t tell your kids fish ate your feet. 


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  1. Love the stories…Keep them coming!!! Oh and I knew that it was the Fresh Prince theme. I watch this show almost every night! One of my favorites!!!!

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