The #Truth About #Diarrhea

If you don’t like potty humor, read no further. 

If you have a sense of humor, please continue on. 

My kids started preschool last week. They’re brilliant & so I had minimal worries except for when it comes to the potty. One of my boys in particular seems to take his cues from Billy Madison’s “it’s cool to pee your pants!” He just doesn’t like to stop what he’s doing & go. But they’re completely housebroken, I swear!

Nothing like a starting at a new place & getting that “urge”. And I didn’t know…but your kid can’t return to school for 24 hours once they’ve had the burrito butt boogie. 

They missed 3 days of school. We had to juggle schedules to make sure neither of us missed important obligations professionally.  But they weren’t sick – AT ALL. No fevers or any other symptoms. Just mudbutt. So annoying! 

Upon returning to school the end of the week, someone in the office asked how they were & I blurted out something regarding Hershey squirts. Much to husband’s chagrin, I might add. 

Then yesterday, I got that fated phone call. One kid had yet another bout if green apple splatters. 

Diarrhea is ruining my life. 

One of the most important lessons we could ever teach our children is that we can’t always trust a fart.


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