What If?

I used to tell myself when I lost weight, I’d go on an audition or try stand up. If I’d waited, I’d still never have done it. I would’ve never known the thrill of standing on a stage & making a roomful of people laugh. 

As I was preparing my meals today, I was reflecting on my weight loss journey & my “what ifs”:

What if we weren’t so hard on ourselves or each other? What if we took better care of ourselves? What if we let go of the body image ideals forced on us by society & OURSELVES? 

As I passed pictures in the hall of my boys, I thought about what life would be like without them. Tears fill my eyes now even typing those words. What if there was no Levi & Wyatt Conlee? 

My “what ifs” have changed significantly. I’ve never felt like I had so much to lose. 

Welcome to day 12 of my diet. 

This is a good life. 


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