Playroom Battlefield

My kids have too much stuff. So much
in fact that things don’t get played with. I’ve tried organizing in bins & baskets but those get dumped out.

So, I went through & cleaned out some stuff. Mind you, the play room is still FULL.
LJ walks in the play room sometime after his nap when I had done the first round of the Toy Haul 2015. He stood there, looking around. Toys were strung all over – it looked like a battlefield, as if Mattel & Fisher Price had waged a war against each other to fight boredom. (I war that only moms lose!) He said, “Something’s not right. What’s going on here. Something is….missing.” 

I could barely contain my laughter as I looked on from the hallway. How the heck could he possibly tell if anything is missing or not?! 

Wait until round 2 of Toy Overhaul 2015 happens. 


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