My friend’s uncle is an actor (really good one, at that) & she got us tickets to see his latest show at the Lakewood Theatre Company. (I’ve auditioned there several times. But I guess I could say that about almost every company in town.)

I haven’t done any acting or standup in 2 years. Call it burnout. I needed to regroup & re-prioritize my life. Now, I’m a mom. My schedule isn’t conducive for a theatre gig.  But I’m completely ok with that. I’m not missing out on anything. I love every moment with my family. 

As I was sitting there watching this play, I felt my heart swell. I was so thrilled to just be there. The actors wrte having fun – & so was I. And then this thought occurred to me, “I’m a GOOD actor.” Truthfully, it’s been a while since I felt good at anything. For some reason, I felt a confidence boost. 

I realized for me, just catching a show was a life-giving experience. It cost me nothing to go. It blessed me. 

I’m determined to do more things that are life-giving; things that lift me up & feed my soul. So, I’m making a list. On this list is writing. I’m in the middle of writing 2 plays – & I plan to be done with them both in the Fall. 

What are life-giving activities for you? Are you doing them? How do you make time to feed your soul?  If you don’t know what life-giving activities are for YOU, you can start by determining what’s NOT. For example: anything you feel obligated to do is not life-giving. In fact, it’s the opposite. Start by not giving time to people & things that drain the life out of you. 

Go on. Go feed your soul. 


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