Don't Let Me Borrow Anything

Wonderful people from church helped me with meals for the first week or 2 we had the boys. 

A dear friend came after we’d had the boys a while & brought a delicious dinner & ate with us. We enjoyed the delicious leftovers. When we had consumed all of the deliciousness, I set aside the dishes to return to her. 

This same friend had also given me 2 books to read – which I’d never got around to reading. 

In a nutshell, it was time to return these dishes (which had also survived a move) & books. 

When she took me to a show last week, I thought it’d be funny to bring her a bag of said belongings to return. Not five minutes on the road, the bag went flying, breaking one of the dishes.

I almost cried. I’m the worst! I kept these for a year – & now I broke it?! 

After the play, we walked to our cars & I explained the ordeal. My friend died laughing, “I’m pretty sure that dish isn’t mine anyway.” 

Please don’t give me anything you want back. I’m not trustworthy. 


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