31 Days of Blogging: Day 26

Tonight, I uttered words I never thought would come out of my mouth. 

It all started like most unrealistic expectations: with Pinterest

I set out to make baked Brie. You see, I’d had it at a Christmas party roughly a decade ago & thought about it ever since. (I wish I was joking.) I thought I’d try to make a delicious treat for our small group from church to make up for my being an inappropriate Pastor’s wife. 

As I pulled out ingredients from my fridge, I realized there was no Brie. Panicked, I ran to the store during rush hour. I walked in to the store to find empty shelves as this particular chain of stores over-expanded & is now going out of business almost as quickly as they were acquired. 

There was not even a small wedge of Brie goodness. And that’s when it happened. I thought, “I’m in a hurry and there is no Brie to be found! Don’t they know I have a party?!”

It is the most pretentious thought I’ve ever had, said aloud and regaled my husband with. 

I’m going to go think about my life now. 


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