31 Days of Blogging: Day 28 #twinmomafterdark

I love art. ALL art. Words. Music. Performance. Canvas. Paper. Print. Digital. Film. Design. Makeup. Stage. Screen.

I love artists. I love their perspective – even when vastly different of my own. I am always challenged in some way because art is a catalyst for change. P

Embrace what you perceive as your mediocrity. Tell your story. Art is confession.  (I stole this/am paraphrasing from a local artist I heard speak tonight!)

I used to love social media. Mostly because I wanted to use it as a platform to make people laugh. Lately I find myself calling it names like Fakebook, Vaguebook, Instasham, Quitter, Stumbler & Unrealistic Expectations (Pinteresr).  Why all the name calling? Because none of it is real. 

We post mere highlight reels of our lives. None of it is a full view. It’s the image we want to project for the world. I’m guessing we’ve all said “it must be nice” about someone’s life experience they’ve posted at some point. You know who I’m talking about? Chances are you’ve hidden, unfriended or blocked them by now. Because you know it’s not real! Do they believe their own propaganda? And why do you care anyway? 

We all have a story. Tell yours. Don’t worry about someone else’s, even if it is fiction! 

Can we be real without being negative? Can we be honest without narcissism? Can we be happy for each other? 


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