30 Days of Gratitude: Day 5

I’m thankful for my marriage. 

There was a time I took it for granted. I said some dumb things. I did some dumb things. I responded poorly to certain circumstances such as family crisis, losing our home, infertility and the average daily life stress. 

I retreated. I emotionally abandoned him. I became self absorbed with my own happiness & looked for things that inflated my ego. That unhealthy attitude got me on a stage to do theatre & do stand up & it was fun. It was my escape. It was amazing to do things I’d always said I wanted to do. None of those things are/were bad – but my attitude was. 

It felt empty. Something was missing. It was David. 

He fought with me. He fought FOR me. His commitment to me is steadfast & his love for me is only eclipsed by the love for his savior. 

He makes me feel like I’m worth the fight. I’m so incredibly thankful. 


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