30 Days of Gratitude: Day 10

I’m thankful for in-laws who love me as their own.

When David & I were dating, I was mortified when my mom gave him 2 framed 5″x7″ portraits of me. Him being gracious & head over heels in love with me, he didn’t think twice about the gesture. 

A few days later, I arrived at the home of David’s family for dinner. I noticed one portrait was atop his mother’s piano. Embarrassed I asked, “Why is this here?”. “I have no idea how that got there. Both pictures are missing from my room. This one is here & the other is missing.”, David answered. 

David brought up the rearraged portraits during dinner. No one seemed to know how my picture ended up on the piano among other family photos. When David mentioned the missing photo, David’s dad finally fessed up that he had taken it to work to show me off with his other kids. We laughed so hard. It was really funny & sweet. 

My mother in law would be someone is be friends with even if I had not married her son. I love her simply for who she is. She says I’m useful & decorative. She says I’m a party. I think she is brilliant, hilarious & far more creative & thoughtful than she gives herself credit for.

I’m so glad I married into a family who loves & accepts me & has put up with me for nearly 20 years. 


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