30 Days of Gratitude: Day 11

Sunday school teachers are superheroes. They have Bibles instead of capes. They are volunteers who get little recognition if any & zero reward, in my opinion. They are the seed planters. Their reasons for doing it border on the intersection of Insanity & Sainthood. And I’m thankful for every single one who taught me. 

Bryon & Mary Taylor. With Mary, I showed up to class quoting the film Poltergeist, “They’re here.” But what I remember most about her as a teacher is her kindness. Also, her flannel graph game was on point. This began my lifelong love of the Exodus story & how it applies to my life. A few years later I had Bryon as my teacher. The greatest lesson he taught me was about not being lukewarm in my faith – or in life. 

Cathy Plowman. She was a young adult, and yet always treated me like one. We had our routine of making hot tea in the church kitchen adjoined to a fellowship hall. One morning while on the hunt for sugar cubes, we happened upon a pair of false teeth in a Tupperware container. There was screaming. There was laughing. She remains a special friend & influence in my life. Her encouragement especially in music affected me more than she could ever know.

Phyllis Lamb. The woman spoiled me rotten. She once bought me a white with black polka dot dress with bright yellow shrug & matching accessories. She did it not just because she loved me, but to show her love for my parents. She instilled in me the knowledge that God always sees us. Even when we don’t think He does.

Nina Goff. My Pastor’s wife. My hero. She spoke powerful things over my life. I had her mostly to myself on those early, chilly mornings. She made me feel important. She does that for everyone, I think. It’s just part of her gift. It’s who she is. I often wish I could sit alone with her like I did in those days as I feel I have so much to learn still. She is grace, beauty & compassion.

Now I’m a parent & my appreciation of all my children’s teachers & helpers at church is at a whole new level. Stephine, Breanna, Amanda, Kathy, Kelley, Ty, Laci & those who I’m failing to mention – you are all a blessing to my family & your reward is in heaven & not on this earth. Thank you! 

Thank you to all of you Sunday school teachers out there, you warriors! I’m thankful for all of you. 


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