30 Days of Gratitude: Day 13

I’m thankful for people who share what they know. I specifically want to highlight those in the artistic community. People who have every right to keep their knowledge to themselves but choose to pass on their vast knowledge only experience brings. 

Toni Suttie of Integrity Casting was a wonderful mentor & remains dear friend & source of encouragement. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I would never have done stand-up or modeling had it not been for her. The little bit of work I did as a production assistant on a couple projects gave me a newfound respect for ANY film. Everything you watch be it on little screen or big requires a small army to pull off. I also developed amazing friendships with wonderful talented people – whom I hope to work with. 

Jana Lee Hamblin is a brilliant actor & proprietor of Act Now Studio in Portland. After researching online about opportunities, I found a yellow brick road working actors were on & it led me to Act Now. Jana taught me the power of being PRESENT. In a very me-centric chapter of my life, it shined a light on my flaws & forced me to face the music about my selfish behavior. Jana reads people brilliantly & she had my number the moment I walked in. She scared me to death & yet I felt safe to fail there. 

I feel honored to be part of this tribe. This brother/sisterhood of artists. I’ve learned a great deal from my peers in music, acting, writing & comedy. Again, things they could have kept to themselves to further their own ambitions- they chose to share with me. How fun to share this journey of discovery. 


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