30 Days of Gratitude: Day 17

I’m so madly in love with my children. They are my heart. I’m thankful to be their mom. 

I sometimes wish things had been more conventional. Normal. But that’s not our story. 

I get a little heartsick at baby showers. There’s a part of me that wishes I could’ve had that. The planning. The prep. The 9 months of freaking out. Instead I had a week to childproof a house & make space for 2 year old twin boys and ALL of their stuff. Just add water & POOF! Instant family. 

My body did not birth them. My heart did. A decade of longing fulfilled – but so much more. A cup overflowing. 

With every tear. With every laugh. With every boo boo & ouchie. With every Lego stepped on. With every painting from preschool that shows early signs of genius. With every bath time. With every light saber fight. With every pair of tiny socks I roll. With every puddle splashed. With every leaf & stick in the collection accumulated by the front door. With every page turned of The Hungry Catapillar. With every fiber of my being & every heartbeat I cry out, “THANK YOU, GOD!”

I’m so thankful I get to be their mom. Me. Them. Forever. 


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