30 Days of Gratitude: Day 19

I’m thankful for any/every opportunity to do something I love. 

Creatively, it’s been a tough year. I had some rejection that stung pretty deep. I also had gigs that I had lined up fall through. 

I took a season away from singing at church for several reasons: Sunday’s are hard, it takes time away from my kids, I had inflamed vocal chords for several months & if I’m being honest- I’m trying to find my place & needed to do some soul searching.

I went to practice last night after having coughed all day. I sounded horrible. I’m a little embarrassed but hey – I’ve got a cold. I did my best. But I had a great time. 

Part of my problem is that I’m interested & feel passionate about/called to a lot of things. Yet I’ve always searched for that ONE thing. That thing that sticks out like a sore thumb & can’t be ignored or denied. I wish I could point to that something and say “Yep! That’s it! I’m an underwater basket weaver!”, or whatever. A jack of all trades & master of none. It’s discouraging & makes me heartsick sometimes.

Anyway…None of that is going to get sorted out today. So, I’m just going to pop a cough drop, pick up a mic & sing with my whole heart & be thankful for it. 

Don’t overthink it. Just be grateful. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amen, love your encouraging message today~ Thank you, and hope you feel much better soon! 🙂

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      You are so sweet. Have a great weekend!

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