30 Days of Gratitude: Day 23

I’m thankful for a gift I gave myself: the freedom to fail. 

I did not give myself this gift until over age 30, but I wish I had grasped the concept earlier. 

Comfort is not only an illusion. It is a mirage in the desert of a water park! It’ll fool you every time & still leave you thirsty. Comfort & fear are the silent dream killers. 

Cut yourself some slack. That thing you have in you buried down deep – let that out. It starts by giving yourself permission to fail.

And dear fellow dreamer, I assure you, you will fail. Not always. You just try again. Why? Because the alternative sucks. 

In addition to giving yourself freedom to fail, I want you to consider being the champion of another fellow dreamer. I’m in a stage of life where I can’t really do a whole lot regarding my dreams (& the few things I stuck my neck out for – I faced huge rejection that’s taken me months to try to get over). My greatest joy in this season is cheering for the success of my peers in music, writing, art, acting and the list goes on. There is something fulfilling in watching people I love see dreams realized. And it brings me joy & hope. So, go be someone’s cheerleader. You never know what they may have faced today – & your word of encouragement may make the difference between trying once more or throwing in the towel. 

I would rather die a spectacular failure than an old woman with regret. 


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