Countdown to Christmas: Day 7

I love buying clothes for my boys. Maybe it’s the twin thing that makes it more fun? I bought some adorable Christmas sweaters to wear for their Santa pictures tomorrow! I love that their school does this so that I can avoid the mall completely this year! 

Last year we had a mishap at the mall we went to. We were out of town & visiting my niece that works at a Hot Topic in Sacramento. The photo people handed me a card after our pictures with Santa, so we thought we could buy them online. So, we nailed because the place was a zoo & I almost threw down with people trying to cut in front of us. I mean, you wanna end up on the naughty list?! Moms throwing shade at me. I swear, adults are worse than kids! haha! 

Anyway, I’m just excited to have cute Santa pics of my boys in their Christmas sweaters. Enjoying every moment of experiencing these things with my kids. Treasured lifelong memories in the works! 


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