Countdown to Christmas: Day 16

We went to a fantastic Christmas party last night. The spread was INCREDIBLE. The hostess was beautiful & so was their home. 

Then the Conlees show up late due to an accident on the freeway, and we, too, looked like a wreck. 

I love parties. Especially holiday parties (except ones where there’s a white elephant gift exchange- that just needs to stop). I love the beauty of Christmas. It’s a fantastic excuse to get fancy & dress my guys up, too.

That did not happen. We looked like extras from the island of misfit toys. I did not change my clothes or freshen my makeup. I’m still a bit under the weather & am pretty tired. So, instead of stilettos, it was Uggs. Instead of festive sweaters, boys wore Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts their dad got them in Atlanta while at a conference. And true to form, my husband wore shorts. It’s 39 degrees. Shorts. We just showed up as we were.

I was so glad we went. It lifted my spirit. Even if my kids acted like they were on crack. And even though I looked like a hot mess. On the plus side, I fell asleep on the way there while we sat in traffic for an hour. Not going to lie- that power nap was GLORIOUS!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. toni says:

    always an adventure Im sure, twins, man- not sure if I could do it, lol

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      They told us to bring the boys & I thought, “these people have no idea what they’ve just done”! lol

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