Countdown to Christmas: Day 18

I took my mom to get her eyebrows re-done where I got mine tattooed & also got my touch up (I go every 2 years, so this was my 4th visit!) I love these people.

(Mom getting her brows tattooed & mine after completion of touch up.)

I get asked often about the process. It’s pretty simple. You get a numbing cream on your brow area & it takes about 30 minutes to kick in. Then, the artist mixes a blend of colors of specially formulated ink for your face to create the ideal shade. The process takes about 90 minutes total.

There is some soreness, itching, redness & scanning typical with any tattoo. The color is darker & they appear thicker until it has healed & the flaking begins. The finished look is actually much softer than the photo above – lighter & not as thick. I would say after a week or so it all looks pretty normal. It does fade over time, which is why I go for touch ups.

My dad actually gave the gift of brows for my 30th birthday, so I feel a responsibility to maintain such a gift. Haha!

In the Portland area & interested in permanent cosmetics? Visit Beauty is Skin Deep & see Liz Prom. Tell her Jenny Conlee sent ya! Or buy your special lady friend a gift certificate for Christmas!


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