Deep (for me) Thoughts

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Even though I’ve had the worst flu I’ve ever experienced, it was one of the best Christmases of my life. Something about the boys coming down our stairs in excitement to open prezies. The way they appreciate everything but mostly that they love the extended time together. It just blesses my socks off. I cried a lot. 

Now Christmas is over – it’s onto New Years! Does anyone have any traditions for New Years? 

Something hit me today as I began reading through social media feeds. All resolutions have a common thread: mind control. Taking thoughts captive is imperative to achieving any goal. The battlefield of your mind must be conquered. It is the ultimate will power. 

Your goal may be to lose weight – but that must first be a decision you make in your mind that you will not be derailed. You then make the plans & you take control of your thought life to carry out said plan. 

My biggest flaw this year was negative self-talk. Just because God hasn’t used me in the ways I think He should doesn’t mean He has forgotten me or that He hasn’t used me. I’ve been caught in a cycle of bad thinking. I allowed rejection to color my view & have even justified my own bad attitude. I believed my own lies.

My word for 2016 is COMMITMENT. I’m committed to making better choices, taking captive negative thoughts & casting them away & living out loud the hope that resides in my heart for the world to see. 


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