Gotcha Day!

Happy New Year’s Eve, or as I call it, “Gotcha Day”!

“Gotcha Day” is a phrase coined in the adoption community for the day your children become signed, sealed, delivered & yours. Legally. Forever.

On December 31, 2014, we scurried downtown Portland to a courthouse. Our family & lawyer met us in a small courtroom where we were warmly greeted by a judge & her staff. They had even gotten donuts & plush toys for the boys. The judge read a poem & we signed papers making the adoption official.

Months of paperwork, social worker visits, a home study, emails to the lawyer (which are also expensive) & a few curve balls later, this day was finally here. I felt lighter. It was a relief that after having the boys for 7 months, I could really call them mine.

I hope as you read this, you will find hope. Miracles take time yet happen in an instant.


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