You know, it’s a dangerous thing to allow your heart to dream. Like falling in love, there is great risk. Risk of hurt. Risk of painful rejection. And yet, we must try again. 

My father used to joke that the human race hasn’t died out due to a case of “holy amnesia”. It’s when the desire to have a child outweighs the fear or memory of the pain of childbirth. And dreams are like our children in the womb of our hearts. Their gestation period varies depending on the person & the dream. But we carry them. Each of us. Some of us just don’t know what it is. Or some of us have forbidden it to be born. Because, there is pain involved. 

There’s an amount of striving we do when we turn dreams into plans. We hustle. But what happens when we put ourselves out there & get rejected? Well, you regroup. And this year for me is about that. 

I’m setting aside some things & refocusing my attention on the few but important areas of influence I have. You know, that whole bloom where you’re planted thing. I feel so much peace about it. 

Whatever you’re striving for, know that everything has a season. Maybe like me you have the right idea but not the skills or it’s just not right yet. “Not now” is not the same as “never”. And a “no” somewhere may be a “yes” somewhere else. 



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