Clean Sheet Night

What is it about clean sheet night that makes an ordinary person feel like royalty? I think I even sleep better on clean sheet night. 

I spent a lot of time cleaning yesterday- approximately 8 hours. I tackled the most neglected part of our home: the master suite. It looks like the maid died 10 years ago up in here. 

At one point, I decided to bleach my hair while reorganizing my bathroom & cleaning. I patted myself on the back for being a multi-tasking diva. 

I can now walk through my bedroom which frankly looked like the clearance section at an Old Navy. Piles of clothes. Laundry waiting to be folded & hung. 

But nothing & I mean NOTHING feels as glorious as clean sheet night. Not even the closet clean up or giant bag that awaits the journey to Goodwill. 

So, I resolve to make every Sunday clean sheet night. 2016, baby! 


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