Dying Out Loud

Ann Steward stepped onto the stage with a humble confidence. As she began to speak to our church, a hush came over the auditorium as if God himself had just told everyone, “listen up – this is important”.

Her voice quivered just slightly, but not with weakness. There was strength in her emotion. It was passion. 

She spoke of her husband, Stan, & their children. How they left behind everything to see a Muslim country know the love of Christ. And how her husband died of cancer after many years on the mission field (in 2013). 

Her courage to continue this work as a widow & an empty nester (kids away at college) is akin to Elizabeth Elliot

I’m not doing this story justice. You must discover this for yourself. Dying Out Loud is a book & resources by this amazing family to help us live a life without regrets. 

My prayer for you, whoever reads this silly little blog of mine, is that you would live a life of purpose. That’d you’d go for broke. No regrets. Let’s make our lives count. Together. 


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