Humility & Boldness

Social media can be unfair. Often it is a highlight reel & you never really see what someone is really going through. In fact, I’m guessing you can think of at least 1 person you are “friends” with who seems to have a perfect life. Don’t believe their hype – even if THEY believe it. Life is hard. For everyone.

You can probably think of someone who uses Facebook as though it’s a diary. This person will accuse people of being nosey.

Then, there are pot-stirrers. No explanation needed.  

My point…

I read several posts on social media I disagreed with this morning. I did not engage – because I respect other people’s views. Usually I move along & go about my business but I caught a glimpse of a comment that got my attention. 

Then I made a fatal mistake by reading the thread in its entirety. I’ll never get those precious minutes of my life back. 

I don’t know why, but I continue to be shocked & amazed by the boldness people feel to speak their minds & tear people down. 

Let me be clear: don’t be a jerk. If you have to knock someone down a peg to prove your point, your argument is VOID. 

I’m not excited about politics. I’ll be sifting through arguments, hiding negative posts, unfollowing people who are extreme & don’t even get me started on the memes. 

Let’s spend more time building each other up. You don’t agree with someone? SO WHAT! Be an adult, move on with your life & try not to be a jerk. Let’s try to have an ounce of humility & a dash of self control. 

Back away from the keyboard. Put yourself on time-out. Go eat a donut. 


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