Hair + Therapy = Hairapy

I do what I want when it comes to my hair. That’s the way I’ve always been. I was the kid that took scissors to her hair at age 5, much to my mother’s chagrin. 

I have had virtually every color on the wheel. Most of the time it was intentional. In my youth, a failed hair experiment in the bathroom would end in tears & land me in the chair of a salon. These days, if I mess up I can laugh it off or fix it with a product I have on standby. Yes, I keep hair color stocked just in case. 

I don’t expect everyone to “get” my hair. I don’t even expect everyone to like it. However, it is JUST hair. (I have alopecia, so I’ll be bald someday – though I’ve treated it successfully for a decade.) So, why not have fun with it? It grows back. 

I do tend to change my hair because it is often the only thing I feel I have control over. And as someone who struggles with their weight, it is somewhat therapeutic for me. So, yeah. Losing weight takes time but changing your hair? You can leave a salon feeling brand new in an hour. Or in my case, fold laundry while I bleach my hair. See how productive I am! 

I’m guessing your therapy co-pay would cost the same as a haircut. My money’s on the haircut. Go to therapy next month. You’re welcome. 


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