Only One You

A colleague of mine thought he saw me at Costco. He made faces, waved & acted like a weirdo. 

It wasn’t me. 

When I inquired why he thought it was me, he insisted this person had bright purple hair. My hair is not purple this week. I laughed. 

Even if you have a bright colored hair doppelgänger cruising the aisles of your local overly priced big box retailer, remember this one thing: there’s only one you.

God saw a need. And He made YOU.

Look, we can’t all have bangs like Zooey Deschanel. We can’t all sing like Adele. We can’t all act like Meryl Streep. We all can’t cook like Paula Deen (cuz we’d die from all that butter). We all can’t have moves like Jagger, ok? Yes. It’s ok! 

You matter. You count. You were made with a purpose. There’s only one you. 


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