Are You A Whiny Baby?

My son Wyatt was nagging me for a snack. Pot roast was bubbling away in the crockpot & was going to be ready in an hour. I tried to pacify him with a small apple – but he would not relent. He was persistent. He was…whiny. 

I couldn’t help but think of the parallel between my kids & I & the relationship between God the Father & I. 

When God says no, am I a whiny baby? Do I throw fits? (Actually, I sort of did yesterday about something really dumb.) Or am I gracious & move on in the knowledge that He knows better than I do? 

Am I throwing a fit over an apple when I don’t realize a feast is about to be served? 

Surely there must be a balance between prayers of persistence & accepting God’s answer? (Maybe silence is His answer?) Well, if that balance exists, I’ve yet to find it. But what I hope to find is a better attitude & heart to trust & obey – even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts. 


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