Autocorrect is the Vest!

Sure, we’ve all been there. Hit “send” on a text or Facebook post before noticing that good ole Uncle Autocorrect was drunk again. And Lord be with you to correct that  before your grammar nazi former colleague or person of minor significance to your life says anything before you fix it. When did we start thinking it was ok to correct each other, anyway? Some get rather bold behind the keyboards of judgement; serving as judge & jury with swift key strokes & the click of a mouse while destroying someone’s confidence or cutting them down to size just to feel superior, but let me get back to who’s really on trial: Autocorrect. 

Maybe it’s cuz I’m a big girl, but almost always when I type “good” Autocorrect takes it upon himself to change it to “food”. Unless I actually type “food” in which case it changes that to “good”. THIS IS MADNESS! And possibly discrimination against large people, but I digress. 

I was texting my husband the other day. Drunk Uncle  Autocorrect changed “dinner” to “rubber”. A mistake like that could drastically change one’s expectations for the evening. 


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