Sunday Mornings, Bribery & Motherhood 

Lionel Ritchie, then with the Conmodores, had a hit song in the late 70’s called Easy (Like Sunday Morning). I want to know what in the world he thought was easy about Sunday mornings? 

Sunday’s are the worst. I had to bribe one of my kids with pez candy to wear the outfit I’d chosen for him. The kid calls jeans “cwazy (crazy) pants”. For pete’s sake, the kids name is LEVI & he doesn’t like JEANS? Ugh. Call me shallow, but it’s important to me that my kids look nice & not like ragamuffuns at church. 

Will the children nap? Your guess is as good as mine. They’re all cracked out on pez, so one can only hope. I did this to myself.
Sunday’s give me a deeper appreciation for single parents. I have no earthly idea how you do it.

Sunday’s for me consist of what I call “Survival Mode”. People will ask me how the kids are & I say, “alive, we made it!”

So, to all you mamas out there – you MADE IT! Whether your team made it to the Super Bowl or not, know that you’re a winner in my book – for what it’s worth. 


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