Agree to Disagree?

I’ve had several conversations recently about this & have experienced this several times in my life. I’m about to say something controversial: we don’t have to agree on everything. 

God loves us – no matter what! He’s with us in our lowest of lows & with us on the mountain top. His love reaches through time, space & circumstance to meet you where you are. This love paid on unimaginable price – the ultimate price – to show you the lengths that love will go. 

This great, unfathomable love exists even though God does not always like the things we do. In fact, He hates sin. He hates some of the choices we make. He hates when we fight – like any good parent hates it when their children don’t get along. 

So, yes, I’m pulling out the big guns. I’m playing the God card & using Him as the greatest example to prove my point: love can exist even when we don’t see eye to eye. The greatest source of conflict is when we differ on core values. You cannot change how someone feels, but you can control yourself. 

Conflict is an opportunity to show unconditional love. Love & kindness will never go out of style! 


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