Negative People & Toxic Relationships

If you are with someone who does nothing but speak negatively of others, you should wonder what they say about you in your absence. I learned that fact the same way most do: by hanging out with negative people. 

If you have opinions on people you don’t know based on someone else’s experiences with them, this is a red flag. 

First, judge the tree by the fruit it bears. Look at someone’s life. Is there constant drama or turmoil? Or are they responsible adults doing their best to be kind to others? 

Next, consider the source of the information. Does this person have a grudge? Do not take on someone else’s issues. You have your own to deal with! 

I don’t have these type of people in my inner circle. (In fact, my circle is pretty small these days due to stage of life with my little ones & that is my main focus.) Not because I don’t love or care about them – because I do. But I guess I love myself more. I don’t love how yucky negativity makes me feel. Maybe that is narcissistic? I call it self preservation.

Distance yourself from people who don’t push you to be the best version of yourself. Do this for YOU. 


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