When Tragedy Strikes

How we react to crisis can be revealing. I opened a box of cake mix before checking to see if I had all the ingredients. I KNEW we had eggs. I looked. There were no eggs. I lost my ever-loving mind. My husband offered to run to the store. I threw a tantrum that you’d normally see my kids throw on a bad day. I dumped the bowl of mix into a ziplock bag, mumbled something about how I never do anything right and stuffed it back into its box and into the pantry, slamming the cabinet. Maybe I don’t react the best when things don’t go my way? 

I have a dear friend who is fiercely loyal. She is funny, honest, a single mom and hard worker. She doesn’t take anyone’s crap but at the same time carries enormous compassion. I’ve never known her to be selfish. She was faced with tragedy recently when her friend & mentor was killed tragically in a car accident. Without hesitation, she dropped everything to be with the grieving family. I have no doubt she was exactly what they needed in that moment. 

I like to think that when it comes to matters of life and death, that I step up and be an adult. Maybe I should do that in the little things like not having eggs to bake a cake. Especially when I DID have eggs but didn’t recognize them because they’re “organic” – which is another word for “brown”. 

Do you throw a fit like a toddler when things don’t go as planned? Or are you a first responder like my friend and board an airplane with a one way ticket? 


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