37 Reasons I’m Grateful At 37

I’ve been 37 for almost a week. Here are a few thoughts on why I’m grateful to be 37. I’m sure I have more than 37 things to be grateful for, but here they are in no particular order:

1. My mom & dad are so bomb. They’re so youthful, healthy & fun. They’re still parenting me!

2. My husband. You are God’s most perfect gift to me.

3. My children. The fact I even have children. You were worth the wait and heartbreak. Every day with you is God’s reminder to me that all things ARE possible.

4. My family. Sibling, cousins, aunts & uncles. I’ve never felt unloved. 

5. My friends. Good Lord, you guys know and love me well. 

6. My job. Employment is a privilege! My boss hired me in spite of my having no experience in the industry I’m working in. He walked with me through our unexpected adoption and has been flexible when I’ve needed to make adjustments to my schedule. I can also dye my hair whatever color I want. 

7.  Amazing childcare. Since I became a mom, I’ve had amazing experience with the people I’ve entrusted to care for my children while I work. It is a blessing to know they’re loved when they’re not with me. 

8.  My trials. I’m learning to appreciate them as I’m walking through them because I know I will be better when it’s over.

9. My cheerleaders. People who come out of the woodwork and encourage me to keep pursuing my dreams. 

10. My small group. Their honestly is a breath of fresh air. It’s a safe place to share & grow. 

11. My church. You know, church is hard sometimes. It’s complicated. When you’ve been somewhere 10 years, you unintentionally hurt people and people can hurt you. But I still believe wholeheartedly in Hebrews 10:24-35. 

12. My hair. For someone with alopecia, I’m hanging onto it pretty good!

13. Reliable transportation. It’s one of those things that’s easy to take for granted until you don’t have it. Honda owner for life, baby!

14. My home. We rent a house from my dad. It is a great place and my boys have space to run, play and be crazy. 

15. My flaws. They act as reminders that I can’t do things on my own and force me to place my confidence in the God who created me.

16. My creativity. I’m learning to see problems as creative opportunities.

17. My meds. They release a chemical in my brain that helps me tackle life’s issues one at a time instead of feeling trapped in an avalanche of emotion and internal conflict. 

18. My dreams. I have a lot of them and they’re growing, evolving and some of them are flat out dying. But this is part of life! Chasing dreams is a rush. For you it may be skydiving, but for me it is believing and finding courage to hope. 

19. My sense of humor. A little dark. A little twisted. Wildly inappropriate. Self-deprecating. 

20. My mentors, teachers and pastors. So grateful for people who tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. 

21. Every creative opportunity. Singing, writing, acting, stand-up, hair and makeup. I love it all and love any chance I am offered. Even if I can’t do it, I’m so glad to be asked. It is so nice to be thought of.

22. My in-laws. It is such a blessing to love and be loved by your spouse’s parents. I know enough people who don’t experience this now to know how precious and rare it is. The Conlees truly are another set of parents to me. I adore them. 

23. When I find $5 in a jacket pocket. 

24. For my being brought up in church.

25. Music. It’s the soundtrack of life!

26. The older I get, the less obligated I feel to do things I don’t want to. I don’t spend time with people I don’t want to. 

27. Each year, I feel more free to be myself. 

28. My kids sleep through the night, giving me a new lease on life. 

29. Lazy Saturdays. Will I get dressed? Will I take a shower? Not even I know the answers. Hot chocolate, Disney flicks, fuzzy slippers and cuddles under a warm blankey always sound amazing.

30. Naps on Sundays.

31. Beating my kids at Candyland. 

32. My tattooed eyebrows. 

33. Food and water. Again, basic things we take for granted. 

34. Stretchy pants. Cause, ya know.

35. Accessories. I like shiny stuff!

36. My landscaper. Worth every dime for all the time he saves us!

37. Jesus Christ. Because He really is enough. 


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