About Marlene

Marlene is the closest you can get to having a legit fairy Godmother.

She is not only a daycare director – she is my partner in education. She helps me and our boys’ teachers stay on the same page, building a bridge of continuity between school and home. It is a relief and blessing to know the same things are being taught and home and school, and that my children are not only loved but told about God’s great love for them.

She is an encourager. I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like a hot mess, see Marlene and she builds me up. She tells me I’m pretty when I feel gross. She tells me I’m a good mom when I feel like a failure. She tells me I rock. Truth is, she is the one rocks.

She will never tell you how she gave up a career as an executive in banking before taking on her current role. This is because she doesn’t think she gave anything up. The love for people won over status and money. Jesus said, “follow me”, and she has done that. She is faithful in the small and big things. It makes me wonder – how can I be more like that? Do I grumble? Am I faithful in the small things?

It is difficult sometimes when you work and serve at the same place alongside your family. After a long week at the school, I see her Sundays – serving and smiling. I see her face, and I immediately feel at home.

I love you, Marlene.



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