About Steve

Ok, so I say this is about Steve…but it’s really about a family; the Glavan family.

We landed at Grace Community Church (now Horizon Community Church) in the fall of 2004. It was the only place my husband felt safe to open up his heart to the Lord again. Me? It was not my favorite. I preferred smaller gatherings. Also, I never thought I’d have opportunity to sing in a large church and music is very near to my heart and I believe it is a part of my calling.

I was less than enthusiastic about attending. One Sunday, David looked at me and said, “I need to know you’re going to give this place a chance.” I glanced down at my church bulletin and noticed they had a Christmas choir rehearsal that week. I told David, “It looks like they have a Christmas choir. It’s already October though, and it may be too late to join, but I’ll fill out a communication card.” So I did. Here is me giving this place a chance. I was confident I would not hear anything or at minimum would hear it was much too late. I had come to expect rejection. What I got was two voicemails and an email inviting me to join.

They called my bluff. More specifically, Steve called my bluff.

I showed up and met great people. Steve was the choir director and a pastor on staff at the time. One evening after rehearsals as this friendly choir was chatting and cutting up, Steve began to ask me about myself and my family. I basically word vomited on him. Something broke in me that night. Steve had insight that only God himself could have told him. I felt like all this pain of rejection I had been carrying was taken from me. I got home and David says, “You look different.” I began to tell him how God had healed my heart. Soon, we both met Steve for counseling. He became our encourager and adopted us. Steve, his wife Caryl and their family quickly became my best friends. That bond of friendship is what helped us find healing and is a huge part of why we are in ministry to this very day.  David has been on staff at the church now for almost 10 years (this September).

Even though the Glavans moved away years ago, they remain a huge influence in my life. They’re among the first people I call with life’s victories and disappointments. But that’s all because a guy named Steve reached out to me.



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