Secrets of the Sequoias

I love trees. As a high school student, trees often made up many of my drawings and photography class assignments. I’m not particularly outdoorsy, so this may be a surprise to you!

Let’s marvel at the majestic sequoia redwood groves. These 350 foot tall beauties sing a song of how beautiful God makes things. What’s even more interesting is how shallow their roots are. They are only 5 or 6 feet deep, but spread out about 100 feet, intertwining with the roots of the other redwoods. They are huddled together in a sacred pact. They would die without each other. Their growth is so great because of those intertwined roots and the stability they create.

Perhaps this beautiful occurrence in nature is God showing us how to live. Are you surrounded by community? Are your roots intertwined? Are you growing together & weathering life’s storms together? Or are you on your own? 


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