About Emily

What can I tell you about Emily? Frankly, not much. Or I’d have to kill you. Also, the woman has way too much dirt on me.

We met around 2006 when we were both working at a church office. We have a ridiculous amount of things in common except this: she was fertile Myrtle and I was barron Betty. I joked that we were the same person but in alternate universes.

Emily and I were asked to speak at a camp for elementary age girls. I knew she would be great, so I agreed. That woman can talk me into anything because she makes me believe all things are possible. Anyway, she gave birth just 2 weeks before this camp. She did amazing. Me? Let’s just say I found out for sure speaking is not my gifting. But I will cherish memories of that camp forever. Even if there wasn’t running water.

Emily moved away a short time later, but thanks to social media and texting, we rarely go 24 hours without contact.

From our long distance friendship, I’ve been in awe of her resilience. I’ve watched over the years as she has overcome time and again. Any ONE of the things she’s faced could/would break a person, but not her. Her comebacks are fierce.

So, to my twin, I love you.


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