About Karen

I worked with Karen Russell at the church office for 6 years.  Since I moved on 3 years ago, I still miss seeing her every day. I sometimes worry that this woman will never know what she means to me – so I am going to try and express that in this post.

Karen is a genius. She looks for creative solutions without dwelling on the problem. She is kind without being a pushover. She is logical. She is strong, but never cold. She is warm and loving. She cares about people and puts them first. She takes excellent care of her family and is great at her job. She IS the epitome of Proverbs 31.

I have never heard her complain or say anything negative about another human being. She is also a lot of fun. She is wise and has helped me respond rationally to circumstances life has thrown at me when I wanted to be irrational.

Did I mention I love her? I do. I would give this woman a kidney.


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