Bikini Moms

Ok, so I have a problem. Seeing half naked people at the water park while celebrating the boys’ 4th birthday was so uncomfortable. There’s just so much flesh! And I don’t enjoy it. I blame my radically modest Pentecostal upbringing. 

What I found most shocking? Bikini moms. They came in all shapes & sizes & were all beautiful – so I applaud them. I mean, how do they have time for those abs? Dang! However, seeing all their cash & prizes felt awkward. I mean, this was an indoor aquatic part in the northwest, not a beach in Hawaii. With every jiggle they made frolicking in the wave pool, I gasped with concern that a boob may escape it’s chest hammock. 

I’m not even going to talk about the inappropriate attire young girls were wearing. So awkward.


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