About Taylor


A few years ago, my husband was running an internship program at the church and kept going on and on about this sharp young couple named Taylor and AJ Adams. I met them and fell in love with their family. Especially Taylor.

Shortly after I had barely been introduced to her, we happened to be at a prayer night at church. Unfortunately, I had a complete meltdown. It was the first time I had ever publicly asked for prayer regarding my infertility. Taylor was sweet, sincere & prayed for me. However, I was a hot mess – & it probably left her feeling like maybe her prayer didn’t help. But truth is, she did help. And she has helped me ever since. 

Taylor has overcome so much in her 25 years on the planet. She is not defined by her past but rather has DEFIED her past. She continues to inspire me as she raises her family, just graduated from college and is a children’s pastor! She recently started a blog, too, so check that out.

I only wish I could formally adopt her as my little sister. I’m so proud to know her. Proud to call her friend. 


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