Every Time You Go Away

As kids, my sister and I would sing the Paul Young classic, Every Time You Go Away
Only we changed the words:

Every time you go away

You take a piece of MEAT with you

My husband has to do some travel once in a while for his job. NBD.

Except I miss him. It’s pretty bad. Before we had kids, I would just fill up my social calendar and let my extroverted ways run wild. Not that I didn’t miss him, but I just made the most of it. I did things like eat food he wouldn’t – such as but not limited to seafood, thai food, and anything white.

Now we have a family. It has changed everything – including how I feel when David is gone. I truly feel incomplete. Worse than that. It’s like losing your umbrella and you’re trying to use your jacket to shield your head from the downpour. It gets the job done, but it’s not the same. 

I miss my bae. And the 2 hours we’d undoubtedly spend watching Netflix & not-talking. 


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