Announcing! A New Series Coming Soon

Coming soon to a blog (mine) near you!
A Journey with Beth & Jenny: Like Flowers In Your Hair & Rings On Your Fingers
I’ve been in the ministry most of life. As a young person, an associate Pastor’s kid growing up in a small church, I had many caring adults who rallied around me. They loved me, encouraged me and several key people mentored me. Those people made a lasting impact on my life and helped shape who I became. As a youth Pastor’s wife of almost two decades, I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to not only speak into lives of young ladies, but I’ve managed to link arms with women ahead of me in life stage to glean wisdom from.
Enter Beth.

Beth is older, wiser, and gifted in many ways that I am not; one of those ways is in teaching. Stay tuned as we walk you through our personal mentoring process by discussing various topics. This will be a monthly post that we hope will encourage and challenge you!

What if we were real? Who can you be real with?

Check out Beth’s blog at


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