We Are More

I was thinking about fire extinguishers. How you have to use a certain type to put out various fires. For example, you wouldn’t use a water extinguisher on a stove top grease fire. Water only spreads the flames and can cause something small to go wild and out of control. What you must use is a dry chemical extinguisher. It uses a foam or dry powder with a nitrogen propellant. It is effective because it smothers the flames completely.

Our world is ablaze with hatred. The only thing that can extinguish it is love.

Here is my request, dear friends. That we perpetuate a cycle of love in such a way that the hate loses its power because we have smothered it with something far greater. That we not engage in unhealthy debates. That we seek to love FIRST, and from that let an answer pour from our unified hearts. That our words be a salve to each other’s aching souls.

We are better than this. We can choose love (even when we disagree, are afraid or angry).

We are more.


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