Getting Started: Finding/Being a Mentor


Finding a mentor is essential for your personal growth. However, it’s difficult to find one. It’s even more difficult to find time. I mean, who has that kind of time?! I think it is key to leverage your time. For example: you need to go grocery shopping? Take a young lady with you. One of Beth’s suggestions in our very first Facebook live coffee chat was to do a service project together. What a great idea! (Beth wrote a recap of our coffee chat – check that out too!)

The truth is, you already know at least three women who are key influencers in your life. Take a look at the “fruit” of their lives. Look at how they handle crisis. Are they discerning? Do they have joy in all circumstances? What is your perception of their walk with Christ? What about their relationships with other women? Simply put: your mentor needs to be better than you and you need to be ok with it!

A word of caution: being real & honest is scary. For some reason, church is often not a place any of us feel comfortable to let our guards down in that way. Are you wearing a mask at church to disguise your hurt or struggles? All the more reason you need to connect with someone who will encourage you.

Another thing that may make it difficult to open up to someone or finding a mentor is our competitive nature. Women, why are we so tough on each other? Is it just in our genetic code to size each other up? I hereby deem this act of sizing up The Highbrow Olympics. Who got the gold medal for best hair at the baby shower? I took bronze for my ability to cover a giant zit with makeup & it was my finest hour. I’m definitely NOT winning any medals for cleanest car. I’m here to tell you that I’m not your competition. I’m your sister. Cut others, and yourself, some slack. None of us is perfect, but we each have something to bring to the table; which explains why we really need each other.

Over at Beth’s blog, she has some key scriptures, teaching and ideas for getting started. Continue reading here. 


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